That’s How We Know

It seems that everyone knows someone who was told they were having a boy, but ended up with a girl. Or the other way around. Typically, these statements are accompanied by detailed descriptions of how the happy parents had already painted the nursery pink and acquired a wardrobe to last until the child’s fifth or sixth birthday, at least. However, I don’t personally know anyone who has had this happen–it’s always a friend’s sister, or a distant cousin, or something like that. Not that it doesn’t happen, but there must be other factors that prevent an accurate prediction, and it’s not very polite to ask the person telling the story if they could dig a little deeper.

In any case, we asked our ultrasound technician how accurate her prediction would be. She told us that when she first started out, she was offended by that question, but as time has gone along, she understood that people were asking because of all the horror stories, not because they doubted her. She claimed a 100% accuracy rate, and said “If you can’t tell, then you must just not be looking. It’s pretty obvious, if you take your time” (or something to that effect). She backed up her words with some pretty convincing ultrasound evidence, and we have the photographic proof. We’re confident in the prediction.



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3 responses to “That’s How We Know

  1. Leisa

    Hi Mark–
    I didn’t know about this website until mom told me about it right now.

    If the information I have is correct, Mom was told that Heidi was going to be a boy; she believed she was going to be a boy until the very moment Heidi took her first breaths.

    So, I think you do know someone…

  2. rothlmar


    I’m not sure you’ve addressed the question: was there actual ultrasound evidence that Heidi was a boy? I always thought that Mom just believed that she was going to have boys until she actually had a girl in her arms.

  3. rothlmar

    I’ve clarified with Mom. Leisa, you were right that she thought it would be a boy, but her reasoning was because Heidi was a strong kicker. Also, Mom already had two boys, so she was expecting a third. However, this was in the days before ultrasound tests were regularly available.

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