New Additions


Includes Whale Sounds!

We’re starting to get new additions to the home as we get ready for our little one. (Jenny told me that she doesn’t like “Baby Girl” as a placeholder for the real name, so I’m taking suggestions.) Last night, Jenny went visiting teaching, and one of the sisters that she visits had a pile of books and a present for the baby. It’s a very soft lamb doll, and it includes an audio player with a variety of soothing sounds–whales in the ocean, heartbeats, etc.–to help put the baby (or Jenny) to sleep. We love it!

You can’t see the second new addition, but it also makes its presence known in the picture, because it is taking the picture. I’ve wanted a fancy camera for a while, and found a good deal on a Canon Digital Rebel XT. I’m pretty excited about it, and hope that I’ll learn how to use it to take good pictures before February.

Finally, on a related note. Several weeks ago, we received a mysterious package containing a Willow Tree figurine of a father and mother holding a baby. We received it before news of the pregnancy was widespread, and all of the people we’ve asked about it deny being the sender. We can’t figure out who the anonymous gift-giver was, and would really like to thank them. Since they must know us pretty well, I think that they’ll find this blog eventually. So if this is our only opportunity: thank you for the beautiful present! And if the gift wasn’t meant to be anonymous, please let us know, because we’d like to thank you for real.

Photo linked from flickr.


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