The Only Child



We have a third member of our family that I haven’t yet mentioned–our cat Jewel. Jenny has had Jewel since she was a tiny kitten abandoned in a bush outside the house of Jenny’s father. She was meowing then, and continues to be a very vocal cat.

We’re not sure how Jewel will react to the new addition to our family, since she really likes to be an only kitty. Also, we’ve heard from friends that before their first child’s birth, their cat was the center of their world. Afterwards, it was just an animal in the house. I’ve promised that I will continue to play with Jewel, but we know that things will change.

We’ve always had a good time anthropomorphizing Jewel. Consider the following dialogue:

Jewel: Meow. Meow meow.
Jenny: Mark, Jewel just said that we should have fed her before we left, since we knew we were going to be out late.
Mark: Well, Jewel, we didn’t think we would be out quite this late.

And so forth.

We’re really looking forward Sunflower’s arrival, so that she and Jewel can have whole conversations, as imagined and voiced by us.





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2 responses to “The Only Child

  1. Lisa

    Ha, I do the same thing with my cat! Don’t all cat owners? Jewel is beautiful – reminds me of my old housemate’s cate, Foggy.

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