The soccer star describes his exploits.

The soccer star describes his exploits.

Yesterday, we went to a soccer game for our nephew, Warren. His little brother Gavin was there too, along with their parents, of course. I see these opportunities as good times to practice our parenting skills, and then leave before any real parenting has to be done. I usually practice the parenting skill that includes swinging kids around and throwing them up in the air. Jenny says I have to wait until Sunflower is at least several months old before I try that kind of stuff with her.

Earlier in the week, we took care of Warren and Gavin while their parents had an evening appointment. Recently, some friends passed along some children’s toys, and we took the opportunity to field-test them and decide which ones would be worth keeping. We also had a good time blowing bubbles–Warren was pretty good at blowing them, but Gavin mostly liked to look at and pop the ones that I blew. Warren enjoyed that too, so I blew until I got a little lightheaded. Then we had a bubble-blowing intermission where I practiced my child throwing and swinging skills some more.

Playtime with uncle Mark.

Playtime with uncle Mark.

When it was time to quiet down, we split up.  Jenny took Warren into the bedroom and read him a book, while I tried to handle Gavin in the front room.  Jenny’s method worked, and Warren rested quietly, even though he didn’t go to sleep before his parents came to pick them up.  I had a little bit more trouble getting Gavin to drink his milk and stay out of the bedroom, but we had a good time.


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