We plan to take a trip to Babies-Я-Us on Tuesday, at which we’ll start registering for baby things. With any luck, we won’t have to make too many additional trips. We’ve educated ourselves to a certain extent, but don’t have too many strong opinions on the things we do and don’t want. We’re taking Jenny’s sister-in-law Karina along; they have two small boys (featured previously), and we’re counting on her help to navigate the maze of baby items.

Please leave a comment with your suggestions on things to acquire, and things to avoid! If there’s anything you’ve found to be indispensable for little ones that is not commonly recommended, we would love to know.

Also, I’m particularly interested in thoughts about stollers and cribs. Do you have any recommended brands or features? Since we’re apartment dwellers, and will probably remain so for a few more years, we need a stroller that is compact and versatile, since we won’t have room for several different strollers. As for the crib, we’ll have room for a full-sized model, and we prefer a convertible style that can be used later on for a toddler bed, etc.. However, it seems like I’ve seen several different crib recalls recently, so I’m just a little bit worried, and would welcome any advice.



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  1. Sam

    Hello rothmar,

    I can’t recall if we’ve told you, but my father just switched jobs this past month and is now working for Toys R US (and thus Babies R US). So, even though I can’t suggest anything specifically that you should put on your list, feel free to put lots on the list!


  2. carrie

    First off, Happy Belated Birthday Jenny! I’m such a slacker. Last week I kept thinking . . . call Jenny, call Jenny. Way to go with the nice gifts Mark – cupcakes and roses and dinner – sounds like a perfect birthday to me!

    So, I would HIGHLY recommend either a swing or a small vibrator chair. Swings take up quite a bit more space, so the vibrator chair might be a better option for your apt. It’s fantastic to stick Sunflower in when you’re eating, when you’re showering, when you’re cooking dinner, etc. Usually baby likes the slight motion and they’re in a more upright position so can still see what’s going on.

    Of course I’m happy to give any other advice on specifics if you want it. We used Graco for our carseat/stroller and were really happy. Avent for bottles and pacifiers worked well for Danny. I totally preferred the cloth diaper type burp cloths because they absorb so much more. I’m sure Karina will have lots of good input for you!

    Despite what Jenny said, I think she’s looking adorably pregnant! Hope to see you guys soon!


  3. rothlmar


    Thanks for the update! Does your father know about or read this blog? (Pass along the link–he can read it at work and call it market research.)

    We plan to put lots on the list. Jenny told me last night that she’s not a big fan of short registry lists because they make it harder on the person giving a gift to find something that they like.

    I’ll post a link to the registry tomorrow evening or shortly thereafter.

  4. carrie

    Sorry, I had one more thought about a crib. If you don’t find one you really like for a price you like, DON’T GET IT! Most likely Sunflower will stay in your room at first anyway, rather than in her crib. A lot of friends and myself didn’t move the baby into their own room/crib until about 2-3 months old when they’re sleeping a little bit longer at night, so you’ll have time to keep looking if you don’t find something. You’ll never regret buying or borrowing someone’s pack’n’play. I think both of Amy’s babies stayed in pack n’ plays until they moved into a real bed. Have I bored you with advice yet??

  5. John R

    I second the pack’n’play motion. All three of our boys have slept in the one we have until they were well over a year. Cribs: just not worth it.

  6. Anita

    Congratulations!!! A lil’ girl. How fun!!
    I am going to repeat some of the recommendations listed above. I love our Vibrating Bouncy Seat. We didn’t have one for Dimitri but my sister-in-law gave me one for Katina and she loves it. When we go one trips it comes with us. Both of my kids weren’t into swings but my niece really liked hers.
    And Pack-n-plays are fantastic. Katina was in hers while she was in our room (4 months). It is great to have for trips. We right now use it for those nights where Dimitri just refuses to sleep in his toddler bed.
    Boppys are great! I also like the Brest Friend nursing pillows it is very convinient. But it doesn’t help prop up the baby on the floor like you can with the Boppy. I have two one for at home and one in the Van. I really like mine.
    Bumbo’s are fun. We put Dimitri everywhere with his. Also we used it to feed him his first solids. It is nice to let the little one sit up for a while with one of those. We will probably do the same with Katina. At first she didn’t take to it like Dimitri did but she is coming around and seems to like the view.
    Bored yet?
    As for a stroller. We bought the Combi Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier. It is just the frame and the car seat pops right into it. It is really compact and lightweight. It is compatible with different car seats. We have a Graco car seat that fits perfectly. After that umbrella strollers work pretty well. You can’t load them full of stuff though.
    Last thing I promise.
    You don’t really need as much as you might think you will. I mean diaper bags. You can make do with smaller bags. For everyday type of outings. Long long outings will probably require more items. Bigger bags carry more stuff which can make them extra heavy. If you get a large bag you might want to make sure that it isn’t heavy when empty. Once you start adding items it will be pretty annoying to carry while taking care of the little one. Our very first bag was fun until it actually had stuff in it then it was too heavy. Right now I have a smaller bag (not tiny) that holds all I need for Dimitri and Katina.
    Hmm… I didn’t know I was going to type so much. Oops!
    I hope you guys have a lot of fun.

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