Baby Watching

This weekend I travelled to Chattanooga with the rowing team for our last regatta of the fall season.  Jenny and I were both sad to be apart.  We’re about to get on the bus that will take us to the airport, and then we have a direct flight home, so we’ll be home pretty early.

Yesterday, I rented a bike to ride along the race course and cheer our rowers on.  To get to the bike rental shop, I crossed a long pedestrian bridge over the river, then walked a couple of blocks.  It’s beautiful–the bridge is painted blue, and there are parks on both sides.  It appeared that lots of families with young people make the area a Saturday destination for family fun.  Some of them were watching the regatta, but many were just out to enjoy a beautiful fall day.  I spent quite a bit of time looking at the little kids and thinking about our future.  

I also tried to get a good look at all the different strollers.  I haven’t put up my post about our experience at Babies-Я-Us last Tuesday, but because of it I realized that I don’t understand our stroller needs.  With so many people around the race venue this weekend, I took the opportunity to look at the many different styles of strollers on display and think about our baby locomotion needs.

Time to go.  More later.


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