Doctor’s Visit

Last Friday we had our regular appointment. We planned to be there for at least an hour, so that Jenny could do her glucola test. For those unfamiliar with the procedure, I’ll describe it. When we got there, she drank a glass of fluorescent orange beverage that the lab manager described as “super strong TANG,” and that Jenny said was way too sugary. Then we had our visit with Doctor Cherry; she answered our questions and checked Sunflower’s heartbeat–everything appears to be going well. By that time, an hour had passed, and we went back to the lab where they took a blood sample from Jenny.
They said that they would contact us only if there was a problem, and we haven’t heard anything, except for getting a note reminding us that Jenny needs to keep taking iron supplements. For some reason, the needle stick caused her to bruise; it’s still showing today as much as it did the day after.
At our next visit, we’ll have to get a note saying that Jenny is okay to travel on airplanes. And after that one, we have to visit more often–every two weeks, instead of every four–since we’re getting close.


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