Notes from Inside

Yesterday, I arrived home to find a note on my desk from Sunflower. I suspect that her mother helped, because it had good grammar, spelling, and wasn’t covered in amniotic fluid. (After writing that sentence, I looked up “lolbabies” on Google and was not disappointed.)
In the note, Sunflower said that she was sad that I hadn’t posted anything to her blog recently, and wondered if it was because I didn’t love her. Or something like that. Truth is, I’ve been busy–I gave a talk to the Undergraduate Math Club yesterday, and spent a lot of time preparing it. In addition, three straight weekends away from home have left my desk a mess, to say nothing of blog posts. Finally, I’ve been working on our Christmas plans, both travel and gifts.

Jennys blouse is new; we got it this weekend.

Jenny's blouse is new; we borrowed it from Carrie while visiting this weekend.

To make up for it, I have a series of posts to make over the next day or two. For now, here’s a current picture of Jenny and Sunflower, taken last night. (We also had a shoot for Jewel’s Christmas photo.)


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  1. Amy Parson

    Very cute pregnant Jenny! Love the new blouse!

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