Visiting Friends



My posts seem to be running about a week behind; in this one I’m writing about what we did last weekend. We paid our friends Matt and Carrie a visit, just a week after they came to visit us. We watched Baby Mama, which I think was more funny because it’s topical to us. We enjoyed seeing Danny interact with his parents. I’m impressed by his post-bath towel/robe–If I had one of those as a kid, I probably would have taken twice as many baths. Danny’s childhood has had a distinct dinosaur theme from the very beginning; as evidenced by the accompanying picture, he has taken his dinosaur heritage to heart. I don’t think that we have such a single minded theme picked out for Sunflower, but I would like to know the other varieties and characters that are bath cowl options.
Slip-on for convenience

Slip-on for convenience

We occupied a good portion of Saturday with shopping. When driving in on Friday night, we noticed signs advertising a neighborhood yard sale in the neighborhood, so we decided to check it out. We hit the jackpot at one house: cute maternity clothes in Jenny’s size. Between that and borrowing some of Carrie’s maternity clothes, we bolstered Jenny’s wardrobe and prepared for the next few months. Then, we loaded up and headed to a shopping center that they call “Venice.” Jenny used some of her birthday money to buy cute new shoes.
Jennys happy, smiling feet.

Jenny's happy, smiling feet.

After lunch, while Matt and I watched some Longhorn football, Jenny and Carrie went to the nail salon to have their feet pampered. This made me a little bit sad, because I had painted Jenny’s toenails a couple of weeks ago, and they had to remove my painstaking work before applying a new coat of polish. I know that the pedicurist did a much better job than me, seeing as she is a professional. Later Saturday evening, we played a heated game of Settlers of Catan. Well, maybe it wasn’t so heated. Sadly, I made a crucial lapse at the very end of the game: I had the cards in my hand to win on my next turn, and I foolishly traded something to Matt, without realizing that the very card I was trading him would give him the win. Although my disappointment was bitter, I still slept well.


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  1. carrie

    Well I’m about 3 weeks behind reading posts – between our trip to Idaho and being in charge of Enrichment last week, we’ve been swamped. Thanks for a fun visit! I’ve finally forgiven you for letting Matt win. 🙂 And – great picture of Danny the Dinosaur. I’m pretty sure they have sunflower towels available if you wanted to keep that as a theme.

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