Thanksgiving Traditions

Around this time of year, we sometimes get into discussions about holiday traditions. In the past, since we didn’t have children, we tended to focus on family activities from our own childhood. However, now that Sunflower is on the way, I wonder if the few small traditions that we have established will continue in the future, or if her presence will alter them.
For one thing, I have taken a Thanksgiving bike ride, continuing a tradition from my young adulthood. I don’t remember the first time that my family did this all together, but I think it was when I was in high school. We instituted this tradition on very sound principles: it’s important to be hungry when thanksgiving dinner comes around. In some humorist’s description of his own childhood (probably Patrick McManus), he talks about how they would go dig a big hole in the backyard on Thanksgiving morning to get hungry and tired before turkey time.

Starting my Thanksgiving bike ride.

Starting my Thanksgiving bike ride.

This year, I’m not in great shape, so I went on a bike ride of moderate length, about 25 miles. I had my GPS on and logged the route. About halfway through, after I had climbed a pretty big hill and was recovering a little bit on the flat, a guy passed me. I couldn’t let this happen, so I drafted off of him for a little while, then at the next big hill, I waited until he started to struggle and then took care of him. Eventually, because of a couple of red lights that I hit, he almost caught up to me again, but it was right where I turned off onto a different road.
The Thanksgiving Bunch

The Thanksgiving Bunch

We had Thanksgiving dinner with Jenny’s brother and his family, along with some other friends from church. We had lots of turkey and ham and other good things. We took chips and queso (which non-Texas people might call Nacho Cheese or something like that), which is another good Thanksgiving tradition. We also watched plenty of football, including the Texas vs. A&M game in the evening. Jenny impressed the men with her football knowledge, but then she went to watch Persuasion with the girls.
On our way home, we indulged in one more Thanksgiving tradition. Much like some people drive around neighborhoods on Christmas Eve to look at Christmas lights, we drive around on Thanksgiving night to all of the electronics stores, to see which one has the longest line of crazy people waiting for Black Friday. As in previous years, in this area Best Buy won easily.


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