More Holiday Traditions

For the two years that we’ve been married, Jenny and I have sent themed Christmas packages as presents to our various family members. The first year, of course, our wedding was the theme, and the package featured a framed wedding-day photo of us, along with some other items. Last year, we chose Texas as the theme. Among other things, the packages included a Texas-shaped cookie cutter and kitchen towels with bluebonnet pictures. The featured gift was chocolate-covered pecans from the Berdoll Pecan Farm, home of the tallest, flashiest, most hypnotizing electric billboard in central Texas.
We’ve been working on this year’s gift for a while now. Today we put things into high gear, so that the packages we have to mail will get to their destinations in time for Christmas. We think we’ve picked a good theme, and hope our family members will like the contents of the packages. I won’t reveal this year’s theme. However, looking forward it’s hard to imagine that next year’s theme won’t have something to do with Sunflower’s first year.



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