A Faint Similarity

At the beginning of today’s Lamaze class (our second of three), a strange thought struck me. I suddenly realized that Lamaze class felt just a little bit like Driver’s Ed. Think about it: both classes attempt to teach something that can only be really learned through experience. We spent a lot of time watching slightly old-fashioned videos that are at times scary. We’re there with a bunch of people that we’ll never see again, but are connected to because we’re at the exact same stage of life, so that makes things a little awkward.
These things only contribute to a faint sense of similarity, and I’m not sure that anyone else would agree with me. For one thing, our Lamaze instructor is much nicer than any driver’s ed teacher. We never did breathing exercises in driver’s ed, although perhaps they would have been useful. And in Lamaze class they teach you to embrace the pain, instead of avoiding it at all costs.

Can you see Sunflower kicking?

Can you see Sunflower kicking?

In other news, here’s a new picture of Jenny and Sunflower. Right now we’re experiencing a thunderstorm with sleet, even though it was almost eighty degrees earlier today. It’s unusual weather for Austin. With Sunflower due in February, I hope that we don’t have anything like this when she decides to come. After class tonight, I know that it will be tough enough without any weather complications.


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