Whenever a problem has come up during the pregnancy, we’ve hoped for two things: that we could manage it during the pregnancy, and that it would go away after Sunflower arrived. We’ve had very few problems so far, but that has changed.
Jenny’s experienced some episodic pains in her ribs the past few weeks, so our doctor ordered an ultrasound for Jenny’s internal organs (not for the baby). It detected sludge in her gall bladder, and our doctor diagnosed that as the the source of the problem. She prescribed some medicine to treat the problem, and referred us to a surgeon.
Yesterday we visited the surgeon. He confirmed what our doctor had told us, and added that it is too late to perform surgery, so we’ll have to wait until after the baby arrives to take action. Until then, we can manage the pain best by limiting Jenny’s diet; she’s not allowed to eat any fat at all. On the plus side, he said that there’s no reason why spicy foods should be a problem.
We asked about the chance that the problem would go away once the baby came, since it is only sludge, not gall stones. In no uncertain terms, he said that Jenny should have her gall bladder removed not long after delivering the baby, because even if the pain went away, she would be at high risk for similar problems if she were to get pregnant again.
I went to the grocery store today and took care only to buy low fat and no fat items. This seems to be working, as Jenny has been able to manage without medication today. But on top of it all, she has a cold, and has been coughing all day (and all of last night, too). So to the best of our ability, we’re taking it easy, which is not all that easy to do.



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6 responses to “Problems

  1. Amy Parson

    Wow! I hope that everything turns out fine and Jenny won’t be too miserable these last couple of months. There’s no possibility for harm to the baby right? We’ll pray for you guys!

  2. Amy Parson

    I don’t know exactly how restrictive Jenny’s diet is but I have a really awesome cookbook from a dietician named Zony Focco that has lots (some are better than others but most are great) of yummy recipes that are low in fat. It’s called Lickety Split Meals and you can order it from or I think bookstores may carry it. Anyway, just a thought, good luck with menus!

  3. Lisa

    Oh, I am sorry to hear about your problem. 😦 I hope the new diet will ease Jenny’s pain.

  4. Amy Parson

    Ok, sorry I’m the comment maniac on this post but I just remembered that I didn’t tell you that on there are a bunch of recipes from her cook book that you can print and try for free. The dijon chicken one is really good. Happy cooking!

  5. Leslie Wardle

    This is Jenny’s old friend Leslie. I got your Christmas card. I am so excited for you guys. I have enjoyed reading your blog. It has helped me to remember some of the excitement of having your first baby. It is hard to focus on all the amazing things that are happening to you when you already have a child or two. I am sorry to hear that Jenny is having problems. I hope you can figure out a diet that helps you feel the best. Good luck.

  6. rothlmar

    Thanks to all for your kind words. The no fat diet seems to be working as well as we could hope. It’s pretty boring, but we’re adapting. Tonight we made a stir-fry, but fried in teriyaki sauce instead of oil. We’ll definitely look at Zonya’s website; thanks to Amy for pointing us in that direction!
    In response to Amy’s first question: there’s no specific threat to the baby. However, the fear is that if Jenny has an attack that gets too painful, her body will react by going into preterm labor. In case we fear that’s happening, the surgeon directed us to go to the big hospital with a NICU, instead of the closer one we plan to use if everything proceeds normally.

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