Catching Up

Over the years, I’ve put lots of different things up on the web. On the internet, nothing is ever really gone, and yet I haven’t yet linked to any of it here. The raison d’etre of the internet is to link things together, and since it’s the holiday season and people won’t have much time to spend looking through my past foolishness, it’s a good time to put up a couple of signposts.
One summer I had an email address and a web page but my best friend had neither, although he did visit the library regularly, and had access to the internet there. So he would email me, which he could do directly from his web browser, and then I would post my responses to a webpage. Consider it a proto-blog. Except for us, nobody read it–not because we actively locked it down, but because only we knew it even existed.
Some time later, we played with a program that pretended to be a psychiatrist named Eliza, then posted the resulting conversations, some of which I have preserved.
Before Youtube existed, I posted my video productions to my own webpage. I continue to do so–maybe you could call me a Youtube luddite. After more than two years of the footage sitting on my hard drive, this summer I finished one video that tells the start of the story that led to this blog. It’s in the wrong format for embedding, but should play fine when you click the link.

The beginning.

The beginning.


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