Progress Report

We had our first post-holiday visit with Dr. Cherry on Wednesday. Both Jenny and I came away from the visit with the impression that Dr. Cherry is in the right profession. She came in and said “you’re getting so close now!” with a big grin on her face. We could really tell how much she loves babies, Sunflower included.
With Jenny’s dietary needs, we had somewhat of a difficult time with nutrition while we were traveling. Our families did a good job of taking care of us, but it was hard to find low-fat, calorie-dense foods while on the road and in the airports. Jenny found herself in the sad position of wanting to gain weight over the holidays (which is everyone’s dream), but not being able to eat all the good foods. Once we got back to Texas, I pumped her full of berry smoothies, and hoped that she wouldn’t have lost weight since the last doctor’s visit.

Jenny at 34 weeks.

Jenny at 34 weeks.

I’m happy to report that she maintained her weight. Dr. Cherry commented that we would still prefer to see her adding a little weight, since the baby continues to grow, and anything she doesn’t get from food, she takes from Jenny’s body. However, she listened to Sunflower’s heartbeat, and it sounded strong and healthy. She also measured Jenny’s tummy, and the measurement was perfect, so she said that she’s not worried at all. At our next visit in a week and a half, we’ll have a final sonogram. At that point, we should be able to tell if the baby is in position and ready to go.


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  1. carrie

    So fun to see you guys this weekend, even thought it was a quick weekend. I love the Jewel picture – the balloon doesn’t seem to make her any more excited about Sunflower’s arrival though. Great picture of Jenny – what a cutie!

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