Work Shower

On Thursday I had the privilege of attending a baby shower. This one was co-ed, because Jenny’s work colleagues threw it for her. Jenny chose to hold the shower at Abuelo’s, which calls itself a “Mexican Food Embassy.”
As with the previous shower, we really appreciate all of the gifts. In addition to the assortment of pink and purple clothing (including dresses, which we didn’t have before), here are some of the presents that come to mind. We received a tummy pack, or at least that’s what I remember calling it when my young siblings were in a similar contraption many years ago. Jenny has already started to use the penguin-shaped humidifier to help with her congestion and also possibly her itchy skin. We might have to get another one for the baby when she arrives, since Jenny might not want to let this one leave our room.
Of special note is the diaper cake. I had never seen one of these before, but since Jenny’s work group has had occasion to hold four baby showers over the past few months and one of her co-workers always brings a diaper cake, she had told me about them. We haven’t dismantled the cake yet, but as I understand it, each layer is made of a bunch of diapers, rolled up in some way as to stay together in a circular shape. The layers are wrapped in towels or blankets, then pinned together. Finally, our diaper cake was decorated with a variety of small baby items, like small bottles of shampoo and lotion, tiny shoes and slippers, and so forth. A stuffed pink bunny holding a pacifier sits atop ours. This is Sunflower’s first pacifier; I’ve already asked Jenny if we can call them nuk-nuks, as opposed to a binkies or other pacifier nicknames.
The diaper cake really impressed me with its cuteness and creativity. At the other shower, we received a gift of diapers, along with a card from the experienced mother who gave us the diapers. The card read in part

I didn’t think diapers were a very exciting shower gift with my first baby, but after buying many packages I really appreciate any I get for free now!

I’m sure that once Sunflower arrives, I’ll be impressed by the practicality of the diaper cake in addition to the cuteness and creativity.
I don’t have any pictures from the shower, but one of Jenny’s co-workers took pictures, and I’ll add some as soon as she gives copies to Jenny.


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