I just got back from our 36 week appointment, and have all kinds of news to report. First, for those who don’t have pregnancy timelines memorized, let me put this in context. The standard pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, although anything more than 37 weeks is considered full term. Starting at 36 weeks, doctor’s visits happen once a week; earlier in the pregnancy, we only had them once a month.
Today we had a third ultrasound. The technician double checked, and guaranteed that Sunflower is a girl, so we don’t have to take back any baby clothes. She’s in the standard head-down position, ready to go. Her heartbeat is strong, about 130 beats per minute. She has a cute little face, and we got to see that she already has some hair.
Here’s the surprising part. The technician took several measurements, and the sonogram machine converted those into a weight estimate. According to it, Sunflower weighs between eight and a half and nine pounds. The estimate is not perfect, but it’s usually pretty close. With four weeks to go before the due date, Sunflower is destined to be big, or early, or both.
After the sonogram we had what turned out to be a very short visit with Dr. Cherry, as she was called over to the hospital for a delivery while we were with her. She told us that even though the baby is already big, she wouldn’t induce labor more than about ten days before the due date. However, she determined that Jenny is already dilated a little bit, so maybe Sunflower will come on her own sooner rather than later.
When she said that, I got a little bit scared. I should start packing our hospital bags right away! I need to hit the baby books and prepare more. We need to find a new apartment. There’s so much to do, and it all seems more immediate now.



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4 responses to “Macro-something

  1. carrie

    How exciting! Sounds like she could be here soon. Mark, just practice the breathing techniques you learned at class . . . I mean you do them to relieve your stress. 🙂 You two will be GREAT! I can’t wait to get a phone call to hear when she’s arrived.

  2. Lisa

    Wow, cool! You guys will be in my thoughts. Not to scare you, but I was six weeks early, and my mom said that actually made it easier… no waiting around in the hospital for something to happen.

  3. rothlmar

    We’re definitely not scared of the baby coming early. For one thing, we’re past 36 weeks now, and 37 weeks is considered full term. For another, if she’s really as big as the ultrasound showed, then Jenny wants her out into the world! However, I did a little internet research and discovered some anecdotes where the ultrasound measurements were way off; it seems the measurement scales they use sometimes overestimate. Jenny has her prenatal massage tomorrow, and we hear that sometimes those can help speed things along. If not, I’m sure we’ll look up old wive’s tales and home recipes for inducing labor soon.

  4. I’ve been following your blog for the last month or so and it’s been a lot of fun. I wish I could be there to see your cute tummy but pictures will have to do! Having a baby early isn’t such a bad thing my kids have all come about 2 weeks early. My first is the only one they gave a weight estimate with and they were way off (they said he was 7.5 to 8 lbs and he was only 6 lb 14 oz.) so we’ll have to see how big Sunflower is. I am so excited for you and Mark. You are about to embark on a wonderful adventure! Good luck and let me know how everything turns out.

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