Where’s the Baby

My three girls.

My three girls.

Jewel has adapted well to Elena’s arrival, for the most part. She wants more attention than we’re giving her right now, but that’s to be expected. She does get extra attention from Grandma, which she appreciates. We have tried to explain to her that as soon as Elena is a little bit older, she will give Jewel more than enough attention, but Jewel pretends not to understand. Some people are afraid that cats will try to cuddle with warm new babies and end up smothering them, but we have never known Jewel to be a cuddly kitty. Our experience with her and Elena so far bears this out.
There she is!

There she is!

Jewel does like to be aware of Elena’s location. Perhaps this is so she can be far enough away in case of a crying outbreak. Sometimes Elena hides, often under blankets while Jenny feeds her. At times like this, Jewel enjoys a game of “where’s the baby.” For instance, if Jenny and Elena are in bed in the morning, Jewel might jump up and nose around until she verifies that Elena is there. Then she moves to a safe distance for continued observations. The other evening we came home from an outing and put Elena, still in her car seat, on the trunk by the door. After only a minute or two, Jewel came by, stretched up on her hind legs to check things out, and then jumped up on the trunk to check out the contents of the car seat. For her, it was another succesful round of “where’s the baby.” Soon we’ll have to start finding better hiding places for Elena to keep Jewel’s baby-finding skills sharp.


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