No Internet

We’ve been in our new apartment for ten days, but our internet hasn’t been connected yet. Yesterday, I resorted to stringing all of our USB extension cables together so that I could put the TiVo network adapter by the open front door and leech off a neighbor’s network long enough to download the next two weeks of program guide data. I’ve spent long hours on the phone with AT&T customer support to try to fix the problem. Eventually I got so frustrated that I sent an email to the CEO and other executives. That got some response–someone from the executive offices called me today and said that they’re going to help. I promise more regular posts once our service is connected, and hope that will happen soon.
In other news, Elena celebrated her one month birthday yesterday, and Jenny and I have our third anniversary today. I made waffles to commemorate the occasion.
Check the pictures to the right (if you haven’t already done so) and you’ll be able to deduce clues about the topics of some upcoming posts.


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