Uncles and Aunts

Even though she hasn’t met all of them yet, Elena loves her uncles and aunts and cousins. She likes spending time with Uncle John (on mommy’s side) and his family, and thanks them for the wonderful crib. She already likes sleeping in it!
She was glad that her other Uncle John (on daddy’s side) visited Central Texas for a job interview and gave her parents some great advice, including instructions on proper swaddling and how to help her fall asleep. She’s happy that he accepted the job here and she’ll get to spend good time with Aunt Emily and the boys in the upcoming year. She is a little bit worried about keeping the two Uncle Johns straight.
Elena enjoyed wearing the cute Shamrock dress that Aunt Heidi sent for St. Patrick’s day. She’s also excited for Aunt Heidi to have her baby. Elena hopes that she will get to spend some fun time with this cousin that will be the closest to her age!


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  1. Emily Rothlisberger

    Hi Mark and Jenny,
    This is my first time seeing pictures of little Elena, she is so adorable! You guys look like a very happy family, congratulations! We are excited that we will get live close to each other for a little while!

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