Happy Easter!

On Easter morning, a big booming thunderstorm blew through quickly, but after it passed the sky turned blue and we had a beautiful day. Elena wore a pretty spring dress, along with a matching bow. She did a good job keeping her bow on her head.
After church, we went to Uncle John and Aunt Karina’s house for dinner, featuring Karina’s excellent ham. We met some new people who attend church with them, including several children. One little girl, out of the blue, came up to me and sat on my lap. She must be very trusting and social. Jenny thinks that she had seen Elena on my lap and decided that would make it a good place to perch for a minute.
As in previous years, Jenny and I played the part of the Easter bunny and hid the eggs in the backyard for the hunt. Maybe next year we will have to give up that role, since Elena will be old enough to participate for real. This year she only found one egg, and had to have some help from mommy in order to get at it.
After the egg hunt, while all the kids ran around, we enjoyed the perfect spring evening and took lots of pictures as we chatted. Jenny was especially happy because she wore a lovely new top, and Elena didn’t spit up on it at all.


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  1. Getting a new shirt (or any other piece of clothing) after having a baby is big (or hopefully small!)and getting through a day without said baby spitting up on it is HUGE. Congrats! Looks like you all had a fun Easter.

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