Just the Girls

While I was off camping, Jenny and Elena had a good time on their own. When I talked to Jenny in the evening (the camping spot wasn’t very far out of town), she had some exciting news. Elena was having tummy time as she usually does. She was holding her head up well and also getting in some good leg kicks, and Jenny thought that she was trying to turn over onto her back. She’s still not ready to do it all by herself, but when Jenny helped her to roll over, she was really happy to be on her back. Ever since then, we’ve incorporated rolling-over practice into Elena’s tummy time.
Also, Elena has been sleeping longer and longer through the night. When she and Jenny were home without me, they slept in until about 7:30. Now we’re trying to put her to bed earlier, so that she’ll wake up earlier in preparation for Jenny’s return to work next week. More about that soon.


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