We just returned from a very pleasant weekend in Houston with Matt, Carrie, and Danny. We had some excellent food and stayed up late last night playing Acquire, a classic board game that was new to us. Jenny won, but I came in last. Jenny helped Carrie decide on and start painting a flower pattern in the nursery; Carrie’s due in July. I went for a Memorial Day run this morning with Matt at the Mercer Arboretum. Sadly, we had to leave before the big Memorial Day barbeque that they were hosting. We did get to see Matt prepare several pounds of meat for an afternoon of smoking.

However, I think that Elena had the most exciting time. She continues to get closer to rolling all the way over–she can now go from her back to almost all the way on her side. Once she makes it that far, it’s just a small wobble and she’ll be on her tummy. Carrie also pulled out their exersaucer, and Elena had a good time practicing holding her head up and playing with all the activities. She also got to know the beagles a little bit better, but the picture tells that story better than words ever could. After that, Elena might think twice about having her tongue out all the time.

As with our last visit, I found a new book to read to Elena. This time, it was Texas Mother Goose by David Davis. Here are a couple of my favorite poems from the book:

Breakfast with Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the ranch cowboys and all the vaqueros
Got a big breakfast of huevos rancheros

What are little Cowgirls Made Of?
What are little cowgirls made of?
Bluebonnets and spring
And notes songbirds sing,
And that’s what little cowgirls are made of.



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4 responses to “Upright

  1. That is one awesome looking beagle. We had a great time. Thanks for coming down.

  2. carrie

    Thanks for a fantastic visit and all your help with pre-baby projects!

  3. Leisa

    I guess she won’t be allergic to dogs.

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