Yesterday afternoon, I put Elena down for some tummy time while we waited for Jenny to come home. To make things more interesting, I brought out a few of Elena’s stuffed animals: a lamb and a pink kitty. In the past, she hasn’t shown too much interest in her toys, except maybe to put them in her mouth. This time, however, things were different, as Elena took a real interest in the lamb. It was off to the side, and she kept looking at it and trying to get to it, even though it lay beyond her reach. She churned around on the blanket and tried to will herself forward to grab it. A little bit later, I put her down on her back. When she fussed, I showed her the lamb and she smiled. Then I gave it to her, and as expected, she just wanted to chew on it.

Although she ignored the kitty toy yesterday, this morning she’s playing with it while sitting in her chair. And putting it in her mouth.


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