This Never Happens

Elena has been having lots of fun with her Granny Annie. Today I called twice and both times heard about how Elena had spent a lot of time practicing the art of rolling over. However, Grandma promised that she hadn’t made it all the way over yet–Jenny and I didn’t want to miss an accomplishment like that.

After Jenny and I got home, while we were preparing dinner, Elena was spending some more playtime on the floor in the living room. I was in the kitchen tending to the fish, and Jenny was in the other room, when all of a sudden Grandma said “Come look!” because Elena had almost pushed herself over. By the time we got there, Elena had returned to her original position (on her back), but she was determined to give it another try. There was something about the look in her eyes that made me scramble for my video camera, and I was glad that it was close at hand. I managed to capture her very first solo rollover. Have a look.

Needless to say, we’re very proud of our little girl!



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2 responses to “This Never Happens

  1. DrDRinMD

    Nice work Elena! The special eruption at the end of that first roll was the added video ‘treat!”

  2. carrie

    I’m glad you got the spit up on tape too. The first of many great accomplishments! Hooray Elena!

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