Over Easy

After Granny left last Wednesday, Elena and I returned home. She was awake and alert, so I put her down on her tummy for a little while. Almost before I realized what was going on, she was up on her side and then made one last little move to turn over onto her back. I was so surprised that I put her back on her tummy. She promptly rolled over again. After leaving a message with Granny to find out if Elena had done this before, I called Jenny to tell her the news. Elena rolled over a third time for me, but that was it for the day; Jenny didn’t get to see any of the action.

On Friday evening, while Elena enjoyed some tummy time, I gently reminded her that Jenny hadn’t seen her roll over yet, and she might begin to doubt my report if Elena didn’t repeat her performance soon. Just a few minutes later, Elena obliged us. She turns from tummy to back with less excitement than the other way around, as if she expects to be able to complete the maneuver. However, Jenny was pretty excited to see her do it.

Now Elena is rolling all over the place. While I was away at Boy Scout camp on Monday, she put on quite a show for Jenny. Last night she completed 540 degrees of rotation in a short period of time. This morning she’s been rolling all over her blanket to get to the toys I placed at its corners. I am reminded of a favorite philosophical musing from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern—Are Dead: the first few times are so special, but after just a few more repetitions it becomes another of her many skills.



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2 responses to “Over Easy

  1. Leisa

    Thanks for the reference to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. I’ve enjoyed reading the passage for the last few minutes. Also, I appreciated your use of all of the “grandma” permutations in your post about mom. I guess once you set a precedent, it will stick, but until then it’s up in the air.

    Can’t wait to see Elena’s tricks. They’ll always be new to people who haven’t seen them before.

  2. That’s true Leisa. I want to see a video of this new skill.

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