Catching Up

We’ve been back in Texas for a couple of days now, and I’ve only just now finished my post about the second day of our vacation. I need to be more brief and selective in my reporting or I’ll never get through. I’m sure that you’ll also be thankful for greater concision on my part.

Of course, life doesn’t wait for me to blog about it before continuing on. Here are a few tidbits about what we’ve been up to since our return. On Wednesday, Elena had her six month doctor’s appointment. She’s 18 lbs, 11 oz, 27 and 3/4 inches tall, and still ranks in the 95th percentile in both of those categories. She got another round of immunizations and took them like a champ–we had some crying while the nurse poked her, but then she calmed down and cheered up right away.

Yesterday Jenny and Elena went to SeaWorld with Uncle John and cousins Warren and Gavin. For the boys, it was a treat before Warren starts first grade next week, and a reward for being so good during the first days of their new baby sister’s life. Jenny got to feed a dolphin, and they ended the day with some quality swimming pool time.

While they had all that fun, I was at work preparing for the semester, practicing and reading for my next round of interviews, and doing some research. Maybe all of that gives another reason why I need to be more quick and brief with this blog–I suddenly have many things to do. And all at a time when Elena is again developing so quickly, with new skills like sitting up, the introduction of lots of new foods to her diet, and more laughs and communication than ever before. I’ll try my best to keep all the plates spinning, but Jenny has mentioned that she’s ready to try her hand at writing for the blog. I’m looking forward to her help and perspective!



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2 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Laura Rothlisberger

    Mark, does your research include investigating plate spinning and extreme ironing?

  2. Leisa

    That’s what I thought too, Laura. I assumed the plate spinning allusion was a reference to your research, Mark.

    Good job on getting to another round of interviews. I’ll have to call and ask you about it sometime.

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