We’re Back, Baby

We’ve been busy, and I wasn’t making time to post updates here. For that reason alone, I’ve been working on streamlining my schedule and increasing my productivity so that I can bring you the content you so fervently desire and richly deserve.

I still need to finish the saga of our summer vacation with an installment on the voyage home, but that will have to wait for later. For now, a short update on the current state of affairs will have to suffice.

I had a great birthday, especially because I got to celebrate in the morning with Jenny and Elena, and in the afternoon with my parents, brothers, and one sister. After I got home from my trip, Jenny threw a surprise party for me. On the other hand, my interviews didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped and I received no job offer from McKinsey. I have discovered that I still have time to apply for the other top-line consulting firms, so we’ll see what happens in my ongoing job search.

More recently Elena has been dealing with a cold. She’s through the worst of it now, and had returned to her normal perky self this evening, but it’s been a rough few days–weepy eyes, runny nose, waking up in the middle of the night, crying more than usual. This has really been her first cold, and I hope that we can keep illness to a minimum, because it’s just no fun.

Even with a cold, this weekend Elena was happy to see all the grandparents from Jenny’s side of the family. They came down here for the blessing of her cousin. Cousin Ainsley is still so little that there isn’t much to do other than hold her, so Elena put on her smiles and showed off her clapping and scooting skills to get lots of attention. We were sad to see them all go, but we all have to return to our regularly scheduled lives.

As for a schedule, going forward I plan to write two posts per week. Expect one on Monday or Tuesday, and the other on Thursday or Friday. Elena is growing fast, but I hope this schedule allows me to keep up with her.


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  1. Laura

    Finally I get some new reading material from Austin. Thanks for the update, Mark.

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