Moving on Up

While Jenny was helping a friend prepare for her wedding reception this afternoon, Elena and I spent some good daddy-daugther time at home. I fed her some pears and rice cereal, followed by a dessert of freshly-mashed banana. Before and after, she had a lot of fun scooting around the living room, playing with whatever fell into her hands. I thought a little bit about how fast she’s growing. Recently Jenny has told me about how they’ve been doing standing up practice.

Yesterday evening we bought a new car seat, because Elena has just about grown out of her baby bucket-style seat. The new seat is in Jenny’s trunk, waiting for me to install it. We chose a very girly pink; Jenny decided that she didn’t want a neutral color for this piece of baby gear. I remember that almost exactly one year ago we started our first real shopping for baby gear. Before then, we had focused on maternity clothing, but I specifically recall listening to the Texas-Oklahoma game as we drove from one consignment shop to the next. We got our first ideas about strollers and cribs that day. And Texas came from behind to win.

Plenty of people at the reception were admiring Elena; we told them that today was her eight month birthday, and she thought that the festivities were for her. We didn’t take a camera, so I’m sorry to report that I don’t have a picture of Elena with the bride.


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