Oh, Deer

As happens so often at this time of year I’ve been caught up in the late semester rush, and so my posting has suffered. However, things are starting to clear up for me now that we have only two weeks of classes left. I gave a final presentation in my Math Biology class on Tuesday, which went pretty well. I only have three more days of Calculus discussions to lead. And I got my car back, so I have an easier time getting to campus or to the bus stop–I’m writing now from the bus while stuck in traffic.

I should probably start with that. My Halloween adventure came the Thursday before Halloween, when I set out to do some home teaching. While driving to my destination, a deer suddenly darted across the road and I caught it full on with my hood and windshield. The deer’s hoof smashed my front light, while its shoulder or head put a hole in the passenger side of the windshield and caused the rest to break up in spiderweb patterns. I was shaken up but not injured, and I don’t know what happened to the deer, as its momentum carried it across the road.

Luckily, I was pretty close to a gas station, so I turned around and parked there to call Jenny for help and my family for advice (thanks Luke). We decided to take it to a car place that was less than half a mile away. Elena was upset to be out past her bedtime, but I was glad that she and Jenny came to shepherd me to the car place and then drive me home. The car guys found that there was no structural damage to the car, so they banged out the dents enough to install a new headlight, and I had some auto glass people come install a new windshield

I was only without a car for a couple of days, during which I discovered that I could ride my bike to the bus stop in not too much longer than it takes me to drive the distance. However, there are a variety of reasons that make the ride not a practical option on a daily basis, so I’m glad to have my car back, even with all its quirks and deficiencies. A few days later, it developed a new issue–the passenger side window went down and wouldn’t go back up. So I took off the door panel, and tried to figure out how to fix it. A neighbor who happens to be a mechanic was taking his trash out and stopped to give me a little advice. He showed me which cables to cut, so I could move the window by hand and clamp it in the closed position. I may not be able to roll the window down, but now I know it will be harder for someone to steal my well-loved but beat up fifteen year old Corolla.


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