Photos and Cookies

We took Elena to have pictures taken at JCPenney this morning. I tried to pick out an outfit for her while I was shoe shopping last week, and although Jenny approved my choice, a purple velvet dress, it didn’t fit properly. This gave Jenny the opportunity to shop for another outfit. She found a lovely blue gingham skirt and matching sweater. Shopping for Elena is getting difficult–she’s in 24 month and 2T sizes (is there any difference?), but even those are too small in some dimensions. But the next size up is way too big, especially in the shoulders.

Elena’s photo shoot went okay, but she made it hard on us by repeatedly crawling away from the background. She wanted to examine the camera and the remote flash units; maybe she won’t be a model after all. Also, the photographer missed the shot several times, which I really don’t understand: why couldn’t she set her incredibly advanced camera to burst photo mode and start shooting early? I don’t want to complain too much–we did get some good shots, and will have the prints in about two weeks.

Last night, some friends came to watch Elena for the evening while Jenny and I drove down to San Antonio to go to the temple. We thanked them with baked goods: Jenny made fresh bread, and I mixed up some cookie dough on Thursday which Jenny baked on Friday. Of course Jenny and Elena sampled the cookies to make sure they were good enough. It’s small thanks for their six hours of help, but at least Elena was good for them. She waved goodbye to us as we left, and played happily until her bedtime.

I have to at least mention this week’s notable weather event: the Austin version of Snowpocalypse 2010. On Tuesday we had a real snow shower, with a few hours’ worth of big, thick snowflakes. There was enough accumulation that some enterprising soul was able to make a small snowman outside our apartment. There wasn’t really enough to let Elena play in it, but maybe next year we’ll live in a place with a greater chance of winter weather on a regular basis.


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