Your Cat Can Read

For most of the past two years on this blog, I’ve shared a lot of personal stories and details about myself and my family. It’s been pointed out to me that in the future, these private matters might be found and judged harshly by possible employers. Even further out, they might serve as a source of endless embarrassment to Elena.

After serious deliberation, I’m taking the blog in another direction. It’s going to be less personal, but hopefully still entertaining and insightful. Starting immediately, this blog will be devoted to the Campaign for Cat Literacy (CfCL). For years, so-called LOLcats have been promoted by misinformed websites like It’s time for someone to take a stand, and say that cats do know how to spell, and that doesn’t make them any less funny. Join me as we take back the internet for all of our well-educated feline friends!

April Fool's!



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3 responses to “Your Cat Can Read

  1. Getting in ahead of the crowds, eh?

  2. Janell the Great

    The internet loves cats!

  3. Leisa

    Silly Mark.

    I’m not sure how many you fooled this year. I do remember the year that you really had Laura convinced that your whole life had been an elaborate cover-up very well.

    I also remember that poster you gave me one Christmas with the picture of the scowling cat who was telling me “if you want a friend, get a dog.” I still don’t know quite how to understand that gift.

    I do believe that cats are very smart, though.

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