Cake and Hugs

This week Jenny made her most complicated cake yet, partly because she had to make the roses in advance. Perfecting the roses turned into a challenge, but they all look beautiful, and the cake that she put them on looks very elegant. Since that was the last class, Jenny asked me which of the cakes was my favorite. I had a hard time picking, because they were all so different, but I eventually chose the second one. I might have been influenced by non-frosting factors: I made that cake, and it was the only one that we ate. I fully support Jenny if she wants to continue perfecting her cake decorating skills, especially if we get to enjoy the results once in a while. A whole cake is too much for us, so Jenny’s trying to figure out the best way to make a smaller cake. She might try single layer cakes, or possibly find some smaller cake pans. Suggestions are welcome.

In other news, Elena’s has started to give unsolicited hugs. Yesterday morning she woke up before I left. When I put on my backpack to head out the door, she walked over to me and held her arms out wide to give me a hug. I hadn’t even said goodbye yet! After she was done hugging me, she headed over to give Jenny a hug too.

When I get home in the afternoon, I usually give Jenny a big hug. If it lasts longer than a second or two, Elena will come over to us and wrap up our legs. In the evenings, the penultimate part of her bedtime routine is giving hugs. We’ve just finished saying our nighttime prayers, so Jenny and I are still kneeling down and Elena can go back and forth between us for nighttime hugs. When her attention wanders and she heads towards the bookcase or mirror, we know that hug time is over and it’s time to get her blankets, sing her a song, and put her down. Writing that all down makes it seem like an elaborate ritual, but Elena seems to like the pattern and she’s still a champion sleeper, so we’re going to stick with it.


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