Play Date

Yesterday morning, two toddlers joined Elena at our apartment for a play date. Their mothers both needed some assistance, so Jenny and Elena were happy to open our home for a couple of hours. Elena had a really good time. However, Jewel was less than pleased.

The guests were Lincoln, who is just a few weeks older than Elena, and Alice, who is a few months younger. Alice gave Jewel a hard time, because she represented a dangerous combination: she loves cats, and she’s very light on her feet. Jewel can usually get away from Elena without much trouble, and she was probably expecting things to be the same way with Alice. When Alice came racing down the hall, Jewel was shocked by her speed and got trapped in a place she didn’t want to be. Hissing ensued, and Jenny had to intervene. Jewel didn’t learn her lesson, so this happened a few more times.

Lincoln and Elena possibly had too much of a good time. Jenny didn’t see how it started or who initiated, but all of a sudden she noticed that they were holding hands. For a little while it was pretty cute, but then she noticed that they didn’t seem to want to be holding hands anymore, but they couldn’t figure out how to separate. So then they just clumsily tried to push each other away and couldn’t understand why they weren’t apart yet. They eventually figured it out and were again free to pursue their separate toy interests.


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