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We’ve had a busy week. It’s become clear that we’ve officially entered the transition zone. We’re checking things off the list of everything we ever wanted to do in Austin, and preparing for our big move.

Elena had her eighteen month doctor’s checkup on Wednesday. We added another data point to her incredible growth chart: she’s still big. The doctor was very pleased to see how well she’s communicating. She also reminded us to feed Elena a varied diet and try to get her to eat vegetables as often as possible. Looking back, it was probably just her standard advice, but from our point of view, with all the attention we’ve already paid to her diet, the advice seemed somewhat glib and impersonal. Elena eats green beans, broccoli, mango, rye crackers, and all sorts of other healthy things. She just eats a lot of them!

Jewel also got a checkup recently, to make sure that she’s in good health before our big move. Like Elena, she had to get some shots, but handled them well. We have a new airplane-ready kitty carrier for her, and have left it out in the apartment so she can get used to it.

To celebrate the completion of my studies, Jenny and I went on two dates this week; it’s sort of like the rain returning after a long drought. We had an incredible dinner at Jeffrey’s one night, and just got back from seeing Inception at Alamo Drafthouse, which is a movie theater that has restaurant service during the movie. Jenny had been there before, but this was my first time. It was quite an experience; definitely a good thing to have crossed off my Austin bucket list. Both nights that we were gone, Elena had a good time with her babysitters. Sometimes she’s almost too happy to see us go, as if she’s tired of us.

Preparations for our move are progressing. I snapped up a great deal on the Clear iSpot, which is a 4G wireless hotspot. We’ll be able to stay connected until we get settled in our new home. Also, our movers came to do a pre-move survey and estimate the amount of time it would take to pack up our apartment. Jenny was home when the guy came by, and said he was nice and helpful, but it was still odd to have a stranger looking around the apartment and opening all the cupboards and drawers, even if it was his job.

Some time ago I wrote about travel trouble flying from Washington, DC to Austin. At the time, I didn’t want to call out the carrier, Delta, because I had written them a long email detailing my negative experience and making some suggestions. To their credit, I received a response thanking me for sharing my experience, as well as some additional compensation for my trouble. It’s enough to improve my opinion of Delta, which is a good thing, because our big move is booked with them. Even under the most ideal circumstances, it will be an adventure to travel with both Elena and Jewel; I hope we don’t run into delays that make the trip any longer than it has to be.


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  1. Elena is so cute. Love her pigtails!!

    I still can’t believe you are all moving away! It was great having you all over last night, it has been a long time since we did that!

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