Farewell Tour

I looked down at my key ring yesterday and realized that in ten days, every single key would be gone*. I’ve sold my car, although the buyer won’t pick it up until this weekend. I have to move out of my office this weekend. I’ll turn in my boathouse key once I wrap my single scull for traveling, although it won’t follow us east until this fall or next spring. The last key to go will be for the apartment, once our things are packed and loaded and the apartment is all clean.

Tonight we have the first of several farewell dinners and other events. Thanks to Isaac and Julie for inviting us over! Jenny has timed things perfectly, and our formerly full freezer is now almost empty.

Tomorrow we’re having a big going away party, and everyone is invited. If you are in Austin and read this, but somehow haven’t seen the evite or facebook event, send me an email or leave a comment on this post and I’ll make sure the information gets to you. We’ve had a good time in Austin, mainly because of all the friends we’ve made. We want to share our memories and say goodbye to as many as possible.

*I keep the key to Jenny’s car on a separate key ring, which is useful when we start the car up and then realize we’ve left something important, such as Elena’s blanket or sippy cup, in the apartment.


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