Burrowing In

Since moving from Texas, Jewel has adopted a new behavior. We don’t know where it came from–my best guess is that she liked cuddling with stuffed animals so much that she’s trying to recreate that feeling.

In the past, Jewel never wanted to be under the bed covers. If she was meowing too much, we would discipline her by bringing her into the bed for a few minutes. Now she gets mad when the bed is made and she has a hard time finding a way to get in there. She’ll nap the day away under the covers, and sometimes even comes up to snuggle near Jenny’s feet while we’re asleep.

Jewel’s burrowing hasn’t been all cute and funny. When nestled in, she doesn’t like to be disturbed, especially by Elena. If Elena tries to get to her at all, she’s prone to hiss first and ask questions later. This is not acceptable behavior, but we don’t yet know how to stop it.

Maybe because she noticed that Jewel likes being under covers, or maybe because she discovered funny cat pictures, Elena wants to get in on the action. Elena’s been trying to sneak up on Jewel and drape her in a favorite blanket. She usually hits her target the first time she tries, when she still has the element of surprise. After that Jewel shakes it off and avoids Elena’s further attempts until she loses interest and moves on to something different.


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