Straw Hats

We usually try to get rid of possessions that have fallen into disrepair or out of use. Even though our current residence is bigger than our previous one, it’s still too small to provide storage for lots of extra stuff. Elena often changes our ideas of what’s in disrepair our out of use.

For instance, we have two straw hats that she loves to play with. She got one as an easter present from the dollar store almost a year ago. It’s construction was about what could be expected from the dollar store, so it’s been gradually unravelling in the course of play. But it has found a place of honor as the stuffed dog’s permanent headgear, and if it ever disappeared Elena would certainly notice and complain. I hope that we will be able to replace it with a new model next spring.

The second hat is a cowboy hat trimmed with a tiger print band that I got when I participated in a triathlon more than five years ago. I never wore it, and several times Jenny asked me if we wouldn’t be better off throwing it out. I foolishly insisted that we keep it around, and it paid off. When Elena’s Easter hat started to go downhill, we moved it to a less conspicuous area and replaced it with the cowboy hat. It now finds a regular role during playtime. Often she wants me or Jenny to wear it, but sometimes she’ll put it on herself. I don’t know how much Elena engages in ‘pretend play’–does she have some scenario in mind when we wear the silly hat?–but she does really like it.


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