Happy Easter!

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This year Elena got into Easter, especially the eggs. Festivities started with yesterday’s community Easter Egg Hunt. Even though the website said it had been cancelled because of soggy fields, we walked over to the location and found that they weren’t letting the eggs go to waste–the organizers were just hiding them in a much smaller area. We had a good time finding some, but also hid a few.

In the afternoon we decorated boiled eggs. This may be the first time in our marriage that Jenny and I have done this, so I suppose we have Elena to thank for that. I worked with her on most of the crayons and dyeing, while Jenny was the primary decoupage artist. Elena really liked the green shapes, but eventually started to branch out into other colors as well.

This morning a trail of eggs led to her basket, but she was more interested in finding eggs. The Easter bunny hid them all over the front room, high and low, out in the open and tucked away in corners. Elena found many of them without too much help, but eventually we gave her hints. Most amusing was when Jenny wanted her to find the one that was between her baby dolls in their bed. Jenny said “Elena, have you said good morning to your babies?” Elena responded by pulling up her shirt and rubbing her tummy, saying good morning to the baby in her tummy.

Later in the afternoon, just as Elena woke up from her nap, Grandpa arrived to be our dinner guest. Grandma is away visiting family members in Utah, so Grandpa needed some company. He always does a good job playing with Elena, and today was no exception–before and after dinner, they tired each other out. Based on the amount of leftovers we have now, I think we could have handled a few more guests! All in all, it was a very pleasant Easter holiday.



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2 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. Elena looks so cute in her pink dress. Your Easter Eggs look AWESOME!

  2. Carrie

    Love the Hook ’em Horns egg! You got some great shots of Elena finding the eggs. I’ve never seen decoupage eggs – well done! Glad you had a fun day.

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