Controlled Release

As Jenny enters the third trimester of pregnancy, we’re getting more questions about Moonbeam’s real name. We have already told a few people, either by accident or because they were unlikely to leak the information to a wider audience. We wanted to gauge their reaction, which has been positive, but we take that with a grain of salt, because the people we’ve told would probably support us under any circumstances.

Elena’s name was announced in our year in review DVD the Christmas before she was born. This time, we’re going to let Elena do the honors of announcing her baby brother’s name. We’ve spent significant time teaching her the name and preparing her to use it as an answer to questions. But it wasn’t until yesterday, when she and Jenny were having a conversation about baby brother, that she volunteered his name without being prompted.

Which means that, just in time for Mother’s Day, she’s ready for the big stage. Give us a call and you can speak with Elena. Ask something along the lines of “What’s your baby brother’s name?” and see what she says. Even if she says the name, there will still be some guess work to decipher the name from her pronunciation. We can confirm correct guesses, but won’t give any additional hints.


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