The Name

We’ve hit week 36. For those who remember their multiplication tables, that is nine full four-week months. More importantly, it is the point at which Jenny’s will to be done with the pregnancy begins to match and eventually overcome her fear of labor. He could be coming any time. Elena is ready for everyone to know her baby brother’s name.

Leave interpretations in the comments; we will eventually confirm if no consensus is found. (Please no hints from those in the know!)



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3 responses to “The Name

  1. Rebecca Brady

    Roman? Rowan? Woman?

  2. Definitely thinking it’s Roman. Because I just don’t think you’d name your son Woman. Maybe I’m wrong though.

  3. rothlmar

    We have a winner! Also, evidence of the fact that sometimes it takes more than one person to figure out what Elena is saying–Jenny and I frequently help each other out in that regard.

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