Pregnancy is a marathon, and the last stage drags on interminably, according to Jenny. In order to make the time pass more quickly, she likes to look forward to regularly-placed milestones, no matter how small. A milestone can be as little as completing an item on her to-do list. Some of the more notable things she’s crossed off the list in recent days include:

  • finishing the digitization of the 600 pages that comprise her scrapbooks,
  • putting up at least three weeks of reheat-and-eat dinners in the freezer for after Moonbeam’s arrival,
  • having portraits of Elena taken at Picture People,
  • finding a new pediatrician for both children,
  • collecting addresses, buying stamps, printing out labels, and getting as ready as possible to print and send baby announcements, and
  • amassing a month’s worth of diapers for Moonbeam and Elena

Other milestones are not just items on her to-do list. In particular, there was one important event that she wanted to make sure Moonbeam waited for–his baby shower. It was last Saturday, and Jenny had a great time. Many thanks to those who organized the event and those who joined in the celebration!

Everything about the shower was just right. The decorations featured a zebra print motif with accents in turquoise and lime. Among the incredible variety of refreshments was some sort roll baked with a cream cheese and bacon filling. Jenny brought one home for me so I know it was great. There was a shower game Jenny hadn’t played before which involved scoring the items in her purse–if Jenny hadn’t cleaned out her purse the previous week (it must have been on her to-do list), she would have taken second place.

Finally, the presents were wonderful. There were cute clothes, an instant thermometer of the type that we’ve almost purchased every time Elena’s been ill, a diaper cake, and several other wonderful gifts. The least expected one was a stuffed animal with an internal fragrance pocket. It comes with one fragrance packet, but when that one runs out we can get refills. I’m not sure if Moonbeam will be into that, which is all right because Jenny and Elena will both probably want to claim ownership.

After the shower, and with so many things crossed off her list, I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough milestones left along the way. My fears were unfounded–the to-do list, at least, is filling back up.


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  1. Congratulations on those accomplishments! I’m boxing up my scrapbooks and shipping them your way. 🙂 The shower sounds like so much fun. I’m glad there’s people giving Jenny the spoiling & love she deserves. Hang in there these last weeks. Moonbeam will be here before you know it!

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