Cause and Effect

After our recent success playing catch with a ball, one day Elena wanted to throw around her frisbee. We decided to go outside; she doesn’t throw the frisbee far, but makes up for it by being very inaccurate. While we were out, we ran down to the mailbox to pick up the mail. On the way back she was running on the grass and tripped onto the sidewalk. She got up saying “it’ll be okay, Daddy,” but only seconds later little red lines appeared on her scraped up knee.

She gamely kept playing–she wanted to ride her tricycle for a little while–and kept telling me it would be okay, but by the time she was ready to be done it was clear her knee was hurting. Jenny cleaned it off and bandaged the wound, and now it’s almost completely healed. I’ve noticed that when she climbs on things, like the couch or into her car seat, she avoids using that knee for support. It’s interesting to see her learn to adapt, but I hope she realizes soon that it’s just as good as new. The cause of the problem has been addressed, but she’s still worried about its effects.

Ever since we moved into our current home, the sink in the master bath has drained poorly. We tried various remedies, but while some helped for a little while, they never addressed the root cause of the problem. Elena and I decided to look into things more closely. We got our tools out and squirmed in under the sink. I opened things up to take the stopper out and get a good look–it turned out there was a huge hairball right at the top of the drain. Although it wasn’t pretty, clearing it was easy and the sink is now working like it must have when it was new. Elena was a great assistant.


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