Yard Sales

Once it became clear that Moonbeam wouldn’t be here today, Jenny made plans for a family outing. We went to three yard sales and a farmer’s market, picking up blankets for Moonbeam and new clothes for Elena along the way. At one of the sales Jenny found some funny hats, and gave Elena a quarter to buy them. Elena has been increasingly fascinated by money, so it was a real treat for her to hand the money over to the nice lady in exchange for the merchandise. She even got change in return!

We happened on the last yard sale when we chose a different route home than usual. A friendly teenage kitty was sitting with its owner, the sale’s purveyor. As we got out of the car, the cat came over to see us but quickly lost interest and started to climb a big leafy tree next to the curb. While Jenny went to look at books, Elena focused in on some Polly Pocket toys.

Jenny has been reading the Yard Sale Mommy blog, and wants to attempt to monetize her yard sale and thrift store hobby by reselling items on eBay. She hasn’t committed to the project entirely, but has started to figure out what has resale value. Today it was books from a popular juvenile fiction series, along with the Polly Pocket dolls that struck Elena’s fancy.

Although we bought the dolls with the thought of turning them around, Elena didn’t want to leave them alone; even on the short ride home she asked to keep playing with them. Once at home she played with them quietly on her own until lunchtime, more than an hour later. After her nap she played with them even more. That alone was worth more than the small price we paid for them.

Elena’s prolonged, productive pretend play with the dolls brought a somewhat humbling realization to Jenny and me. She hasn’t been playing with her toys as much as she used to (or even as much as I have), but we thought she was just bored with them. We didn’t realize that she had in fact outgrown them. This changes things–we need to start replacing them with toys that will capture her interest, feed her imagination, and assist her development. Luckily, there are always good toys at yard sales and Elena’s not shy about diving right in to play with the things she likes.


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