Place Your Bets

The skies opened up almost immediately after we started on the road to my parents’ house. I had to concentrate on driving through the torrential rain so I couldn’t play with Elena as much as she wanted. When driving in the rain, I love that brief moment of respite that comes when driving under bridges. It’s quiet, calm, and ends so quickly that it seems like it might never have happened.

While we were driving, Elena asked if she could go back to her own house, but once we got to the grandparents’ home and played for a little while, she was ready to stay. She must have been pretty tired, because she said goodbye to me and Jenny and headed upstairs before we were ready to leave her.

Now is the quiet moment. Tomorrow morning we’re out from under the bridge, pounded by the rain, eyes on the road. Everything looked good at yesterday’s appointment. The ultrasound machine gave us a weight estimate of nine and a half pounds. While his head measurement was average, his belly and leg measurements were both ‘out of range.’ That doesn’t lend confidence to the estimate. Make your guesses in the comments about Moonbeam’s birth weight; maybe I’ll even send a prize to the winner.



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4 responses to “Place Your Bets

  1. Leisa

    11 lbs 2 oz

    Good luck!

    Your daughter was a fun roommate last night.

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