Threat Level: Midnight

Roman Mark was born at 11:37 pm on August 19, fourteen hours after labor was induced but with only about ten minutes of pushing. He weighs 9 lbs, 7 oz and is 21.5 inches long and, when awake, is very alert. Baby and mom are both healthy and recovering well.



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4 responses to “Threat Level: Midnight

  1. Carol Peterson

    Congratulations, he is beautiful! Good job Jenny and Mark!
    Thanks for letting me in on the blog so I could see Roman this early in his life. Miss you guys,

  2. Michi

    CONGRATULATIONS on your newest addition!! Jenny, you ARE a strong woman…and glad that you can start feeling more comfortable now…

  3. Julie Hart

    Congrats Jenny and Mark!! Roman is a handsome little man!! You must be very proud and very very happy to have him out of you Jenny!! Hope all is going well and you’re getting enough rest!!

    Julie =)

  4. Welcome to the world handsome boy!

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