No Big Deal

Roman enjoys tummy time, at least more than Elena did at this age. He’s almost always willing to give it a try for a few minutes, and once or twice it helped to calm him down when he was fussing. He does quite well lifting up his head, which is a key metric for tummy time performance that shows up on most lists of infant milestones. Not long ago he was enjoying some tummy time, looking all around, when all of a sudden he pushed his legs in just the right way and rolled over onto his back like it was nothing. It was only a one-off performance, but we didn’t expect him to do it at all for another two or three months.

I wasn’t able to attend the one-month well baby checkup, but everything went well. Elena behaved very well, and created some beautiful art for me to examine when I came home from work. Roman is gaining weight at a good rate, his bilirubin levels (for jaundice) are dropping quickly, and he handled his shots like a champ. His schedule is stabilizing to the point where we can start to think about having a schedule. All in all, it seems like we’re getting things under control. I can’t take any of the credit–this is all Jenny and Roman’s doing, with a lot of help from Elena.



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2 responses to “No Big Deal

  1. Laura

    That’s a great picture! Sounds like you are all doing well.

  2. Jennifer Whiting

    We just received your baby announcement and were so thrilled to find out that your family is growing. Roman is one HANDSOME boy and the smirk on his face is so cute. I can tell you are one proud daddy, you should be! Our family has missed looking to the left during sacrament meeting and watching Elena so we just moved into your old pew.:) You all look well and Elena has grown to much! Our best wishes to you and yours!

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