Blog Resolutions

We often make New Year’s resolutions without reflecting on what we’ve accomplished in the previous year. Last year was a very full one for us, so I think that it would be reasonable for me to to resolve to do less this year–not less in the sense of watching more TV, but less in the sense of increased focus on that which is most important. I may not be able to act on that resolution, especially considering that we’re almost halfway through January, and I’m only just now writing about my New Year’s Resolutions, which surely breaks some social convention, similar to the lower right corner of this comic.

I don’t remember all of my resolutions from last year, but I remember my blogging goal was to post something every five days. I stuck to the schedule, at least on average, until Roman arrived. Even after he joined us I managed to post on a somewhat regular basis until I felt the full weight of our holiday projects. I don’t think that I should try to sustain that same schedule this year. Instead, I’ll try to put something up every week. It may not always be written–with my new phone, it’s much easier for me to capture video. I have big plans to introduce the world to Elena’s unique versions of her bedtime songs.

Although I love to have an audience, I write first for myself, and second to have a record that my children can read someday. Because of that, I plan to continue searching for a good way to communicate my thoughts about the connections between technical topics and parenting. I know that everyone’s eyes glaze over as soon as they see this title, and click off the page as quickly as they can. But I think that I just haven’t found the right lexicon, and I’m going to keep trying until I can make it work. I probably need to treat these types of post as crafted and revised essays, not free-form blog entries.

After Roman eats, we can often tell when he still has to burp; it’s just clear that there’s something inside that needs to come out, and we gently bounce and massage him until it does. That’s the way I feel about these ideas–they’re inside, and I want to get them out. Please bear with me. I ask for your feedback, and promise that I will make the posts more palatable by increasing the number of cute pictures of Elena and Roman that accompany my more experimental writing.


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  1. I’m SO, SO excited to see all of you next week. You’re right, I often glaze over some of your mathematical musings. But it reminds me that it’s you writing the blog and then I’m always impressed that you are the blogger in your family. So way to go. See you soon!

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