Drawn to the Ocean

We have spent the last week in a southwestern coastal town. Our hotel is cute and has a great staff, the town is small, and the beach is very close. The kids and I went there on Wednesday afternoon and they both had a fantastic time! Roman continually tried to eat sand, rocks, shells–whatever he could reach. When he realized that I would continue to intervene indefinitely and not let him get things into his mouth, he found a new strategy: dive into the sand face first! He also loved to crawl to the edge of the wake as the waves came in and then follow the water as it went back out.

Elena didn’t mind that it was overcast and not hot, she was excited to be wearing her swimsuit and have permission to splash, run, jump, and kick in all the tide pools! We picked up a couple of plastic shovels and a sand castle bucket earlier in the day and put them to good use. The great thing about the beach is its size; there is plenty of room for Elena to run around crazy, which she did! We had so much fun, we headed back the next day, when it was even sunny and a little bit warmer!

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  1. Renee Anguiano

    Looks like the kids really love the beach. Looked like you had the beach all to yourselves. Thanks for keeping us up on your adventures in England. Looking forward to seeing the Tour de France pics.
    Roman’s hair is really getting long. Still can’t bring yourself to cut it, yet.

    News from WA
    We bought a boat. I’ll send you a pic via email.

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