We’ve let Elena’s hair grow long since she was born; it’s only been cut once. I’ve tried to get her used to having it brushed and pulled up into a ponytail, but for a long time she resisted even that level of maintenance. Although she is only 3 and 1/2 years old, we’ve gone through many hair stages. We started with me being in charge and Elena learning to sit still. Then there was the stage where she wanted pretty bows and clips in her hair and that motivated her to sit through a hair-do session. Around the time Roman was born, she was very much into not having her hair touched–at all. She didn’t care if it was in her face, or if it had half a container of yogurt in it, just as long as I was not touching it. But since we have come to England, she has decided that she does not like it in her face when we are out walking around. One day I offered to put a braid in and ever since she has been requesting braids. Her hair is long enough that it’s been quite enjoyable for me to touch up on my braiding skills!


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